Star of Wonder, Looking Ahead

I adore Ravelry! I use it almost daily. There are a few features missing, however, including the ability to add pictures to future projects in your queue. One of the projects that I plan to start as soon as my current WIPs are done, and the projects on my queue that I have the yarn for are finished, is Helen Shrimpton’s new Star of Wonder blanket.

I’ve decided on my color scheme so I am uploading it here for reference for when I’m ready to move this from my queue to my projects.

This yarn is 100% acrylic, so it is machine washable which is important to me for a blanket. It is also soft and lovely to work with!

Helen’s design really reminds me of a snowflake, so I would like to do this with a winter theme and feature it in my home the whole winter long.

Another obvious option is Christmas colors, but I think the blues/silver would be more appropriate to leave out all winter.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.42.31 AM.png

Comparing prices, WoolWarehouse in the UK is the least expensive, even given international shipping at $40 for all 19 skeins. How do they do that?


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