2017 Yarny Intentions

Resolutions are made to be broken, so here are my intentions for this year, as far as crafting is concerned:

  1. Work from stash.
    Isn’t this always everyone’s first item on their list? I find it amusing that I’ve only been crocheting intensively for one year, yet my stash is already a problem. I certainly do have a tendency toward acquisitiveness (just look at my doll collection) so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I want to be mindful and keep it within its current bounds, so this will be important for the coming year. I have bagged/boxed up 7 (!) blankets worth of yarn and have chosen the patterns for them — they are all nicely listed and tagged in my Ravely queue though the order I do them in will be flexible. Those, in addition to the 5 (!) blanket Works In Progress I have, are definitely enough to keep me busy for 2017. Some are small throws in bulky yarn, but a few are more complex. That will clear out the bulk of my stash, leaving the lesser quantities of more interesting yarn for smaller projects. About half of the blanket projects are for gifts. I don’t need an intention to keep the stash organized and documented because that’s part of how I play. I do need to document my crochet hooks and knitting needles, though.
  2. Buy local.
    I don’t intend to buy a lot of yarn this year (see #1), but I do want to support the LYS that just opened nearby. The owner is lovely and she hand-dyes some amazing yarn. It is pricey, but it is gorgeous. My rule is I have to finish the project made with my last purchase before I can buy more.
  3. Craft social.
    There is a crochet class/group that meets once a week in town which is where I got my start last year. It’s during the day, so I couldn’t make it for most of the year because of work, but I’ve decided to squeeze the two hours in each week since it’s on my way to work anyway. On-line is fun, but it’s just nice to share interests in face-to-face gatherings.
  4. Keep the WIPs well-planned and don’t let projects stall.
    I’d like to have one complex blanket and one simple blanket in progress at a time so I can work on the one that is appropriate for my state of mind. The complex one is because I always want to be improving my skills and trying new things. The simple one is obviously for relaxation. I like to have one portable project ready in a tote for when I have an appointment or an event where it’s appropriate to crochet — usually a scarf or a simple mandala. I want to keep it to no more than two small projects going at a time as well, and I’d like to try some things I haven’t done yet, like slippers and baskets. I’m usually good about finishing things before starting something new, but I let myself leave two blankets stalled at the joining stage that I need to get to. From now on, since I’m going to try to keep it to two blanket WIPs, I can’t start any new ones until I finish all but one of those currently on the go. The biggest challenge I see to this intention is Crochet-a-Longs. I already got sucked into one CAL on impulse last week when I realized it would be a good use of a blanket-sized chunk of my stash. CALs are fun and I’m not ruling out doing another one even if it requires a yarn purchase, but it would have to be really special!
  5. Blog regularly about newly started projects, finished objects, and such.
    It would be fun to do a monthly summary of WIPs and immediate plans for what’s next. I use my Ravelry project pages like a diary for each project (the trees), but it’s nice to have the blog for considering the forest.

It will be interesting to look back a year from now and see how well I followed these intentions.


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