January 2017 Recap – Lots of Crochet to Keep My Mind Off Politics

I could make a blog post whenever I start a new project and whenever I finish one. Or I could do like I will this month and just do one summary post. I’ll probably do it both ways and more!

Finished Objects

These are the projects that I finished in January, 2017. Most of the links go to the Ravelry project page if you want more details.

Bright Squares Pillow

I made this pillow with left-overs from my daughter’s Crocheted Quilt blanket. It looks pretty in her dorm room. I started making the square motifs over the summer but just got serious about finishing it up so K could take it back to college after break.

Whispers from the Past

This project was a total pleasure from start to finish! I began the Crochet-A-Long in October (my first CAL ever!) and kept up with it until the end when I ran out of some of the yarn colors. (I had gone rogue with my yarn colors rather than use one of the color packs.) The last picture is of the blanket in the living room where it lives, with the color-inspiration wall hanging reflected in the mirror. The design is by Helen Shrimpton of Crystals & Crochet and I can’t say enough good things about her as a designer and a generous, helpful person.

Shin-Yu for Sue

I made this infinity scarf for my sister’s birthday, though I haven’t had a chance to give it to her yet. I didn’t have quite enough of the pretty, green sock yarn, so I had to add a stripe of another color, but I think it works. I will definitely be making more of these scarfs, designed by ChiChi Allen. It’s such a fast yet effective pattern!

Pussy Hats

I made two of these, one for K and one for me to wear to the Women’s March on Boston. It was a great experience.


Works In Progress

I have too many WIPs!

Moorland Blanket CAL

I love Lucy of Attic24’s designs and I follow her blog regularly. I was deciding which of her blankets to try first when she announced the Moorland CAL. I quickly bought the color pack because I knew it would sell out. I’m very glad I did because she has a masterful eye for color and I never would have come up with something like this on my own. I’m very happy with how it is going!


Bright Blossom Blanket CAL

This was an impulse project, but I realized it would be a good use of the rest of my Knit Picks Brava left-overs (same as the pillow above with a few more thrown in) and just ran with it. I’m also very happy with how this one is going, though I don’t have a plan for the finished product. Maybe a gift for Lauren?


#CrochetGirlGang x 2

They’re both 90% done and I need to make them a priority. The one on the left has a Soft Fudge (light brown) background for C, and the one on the right is the yarn pack Steel & Stitch colorway with a Steel Grey background.

Amazing Grace Mandala

Only one CAL week left on this then I need to figure out how to mount it for C’s wall.


Whispers Around the Bases

This is only a few “innings” done, but I will finish it soon. I’m making this with the Paint Box color pack and the first two weeks of the Whispers From the Past CAL as the starting square because I decided to change colors for that CAL. When this is my only blanket WIP left, I’ll start the Homespun Ripple blanket for B.

State of the Stash

I bought these new things this month:


  • Island Yarn Gradient. No regrets!! 🙂 This fulfills my New Year’s Intention of buying local.
  • Fingering weight cotton (100g each of 4 colors) with the plan of doing more Shin-Yus (end of year sale at LoveCrochet). Not sure they’ll be enough yardage for double wraps.
  • 2 bags of 4 100g skeins each of stripey sock yarn (on impulse at Michael’s). Why, Maria? (Because I had a coupon. Oy!)
  • 1 skein of Red Heart Unforgettable in Polo (at Michael’s) for another Queen Anne’s Lace scarf  with the intent of making it for Diane, but will I have time?
  • 1 ball of Noro Hanabatake (LoveCrochet end of year sale again). Why, oh why?
  • 5 balls of Cream Aran Acrylic (LoveCrochet end of year sale) that I don’t need. (They messed up my order for the other neutrals that would have made this enough for a blanket.) At least it was super inexpensive.

Too much impulse buying during sales this month! My goal for February is to not buy any new yarn.


  • Yarn winder. Can’t wait to try this out but I’ll wait until I’m ready to use the new fancy gradient yarn for Gina’s scarf. 🙂
  • New hook set, almost the same as my first set so I don’t have to worry about losing hooks like I did with my 4.0 mm I was using for my Whispers blanket. Wasn’t really necessary but it is a nice, inexpensive set.

Goals for February

  • Start and finish a Shin-Yu for Gina in the beautiful gradient yarn from Island Yarn (by February 15).
  • Finish #CrochetGirlGang Steel & Stitch (join and border) for Paul (by February 15).
  • Catch up on the Moorland CAL.
  • Keep up with and finish the Bright Blossoms CAL. I love how this is join-as-you-go so when it’s done it will be done!

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