Toward A More Useful Ravelry Queue

I know I am not using my Ravelry Queue very effectively, so I went searching on the Internet (as one does) to find advice. I found this great blog post by Rachelle of My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures: Taming the Queue.

Essentially, I am going to follow Rachelle’s lead and use my queue only for projects that I could begin now. I will use my Favorites to keep track of patterns I would like to make in the future and of projects made from those patterns that I particularly like. (I think you can also favorite designers and yarn as well.)

For my reference, here is my algorithm[*] for getting my Ravelry Queue under control:

For each item on my current queue (103 as of this writing!),

  • If I do not still love this pattern and really plan to make it eventually,
    • Remove it from the Queue.
  • If I do not have yarn in stash for making this project, move it to Favorites:
    • Go to the project page (click on title in Queue) and click “add to favorites”,
      • Transfer any useful notes/tags that were in the queued item,
    • Go back to the Queue and remove it.
  • If I do have stash yarn:
    • Make sure the Queue item is linked to the Stash entry,
    • Drag this item to approximately the right place in the Queue.

Once I’ve done this, I will also need to make a plan for taming my Ravelry Favorites, but that’s another project! 🙂

I’d also like to use tags in my Queue more strategically. I like to have two blanket WIPs on-the-go at all times, ideally one simple and one challenging. So I’ll use “blanket”, “zen”, “challenging” as tags. I also like to have one or two small projects on-the-go, so I’ll use the tag “small” to mark those.

I’ll update this when I’m done and we’ll see how long it took me. I think it will be worth it to help me avoid impulsively finding a pattern I love and going off to order the yarn so I can start it. If it’s very clear, right in front of me, what I can do now I think I’ll work my way through my stash better and only buy new yarn for gift projects, or other special projects that come up.

[*] Can you tell I’m a computer programmer? I make plans in pseudocode.

Edited to add: Well, that was fun! It took me about an hour and now I have 35 things in my queue, all of which I have the yarn for. Of those, 7 are blankets, so added to the 5 blanket WIPs I have, that means 12 blankets to make. Just one per month, no problem, right?! Of course, when I made my 2017 Yarny Intentions, I never said I planned to get through everything in just one year. 🙂

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