February 2017 Recap – Moorland and More

February was an odd month for me as I spent a good part of it in bed feeling dreadful with the flu. But it certainly was a productive month for crochet.

Finished Objects

These are the projects that I finished in February, 2017. Most of the links go to the Ravelry project page if you want more details.

#CrochetGirlGang CAL Blanket – Steel & Stitch Colorway

I finished the blanket to gift to my brother during his visit from Texas. I had the motorhome he and his wife acquired last year in mind when I made it, for their travels around the country since there’s probably not much call for afghans in Texas. It could have used a final blocking, but I do love how it came out!

 Shin-Yu for Gina

This was made with pretty, hand-dyed gradient yarn from my LYS, Island Yarn. Sadly, I didn’t have quite enough yarn for the final picots.


Amazing Grace Mandala CAL

This ended up being 26″ at the end of Part 3, so I skipped Part 4 and declared it done. It’s now hanging on the “art wall” in our half bath.

The First Circle Scarf

I’m making three of these scarves for the coaches of my daughter’s Winterguard team. It is the Every Man Scarf pattern by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson and the colors are taken from the costumes/flags. One down, two to go!


“Moresnow” Moorland Blanket CAL

Last but not least this month, is my Attic24 Moorland Blanket. I renamed it “Moresnow” because of all the February snow storms during the making (and photographing) of it. This picture doesn’t show the pretty greens/browns at the other end very well, but the Ravelry project has plenty of in-progress pictures. I enjoyed this CAL thoroughly and finished it exactly to pattern. Please see my post on this blog for lots of Notes if you’re considering this project.


Works In Progress

Whispers Around the Bases & #CrochetGirlGang CAL – Oh Fudge!

I haven’t made any progress on these this month, but I’m listing them to keep them at the top of my mind.

Bright Blossom Blanket CAL

This hexagon blanket has now made it to the top of my active WIP pile! The bright colors are fun to work with. I’ve added a few hexagons, which means 26 out of 81 done.


Queen Anne’s Lace in green

Just a simple project to keep in the car for those small bits of time.


The First Circle Scarf x 2

 I’ve made a start on the two other scarves I am doing for the coaches. Not a very good picture, but this is the color inspiration.

State of the Stash


I have failed terribly in my goal for February of not adding to the stash!

First Deramores had an awesome sale and I bought 19 skeins of Stylecraft Special DK in blues and silver/white. At first I planned it for a Star of Wonder, by Helen Shrimpton, but I’ve decided to use it for a Delft Blanket by Jane Crowfoot. I’ve been thinking that the Persian Tiles kit I bought to make for my Mom is blue enough (more blue-green) and her favorite color is blue. I will probably swap out the silver for cream and add another shade of blue.


Then I decided I shouldn’t make my sister’s Shin-Yu in pink, so I bought the aqua color you saw in the finished item above as a replacement at my LYS, and while there, I made the mistake of looking in the sale bin and bought these for a knit scarf she had on display. Yes, I plan to try knitting again soon. Note to self: it’s safer to go to a yarn store without a knitting buddy who is an enabler! 🙂

Then I bought 12 skeins of Stylecraft Special Aran for the coach gifts which I’m kicking myself for since I realized afterward that I have similar colors in my stash of Paintbox Aran.

And finally, I went to Joann’s during a 50% off sale with a $30 off $75 coupon and bought (much more than) enough Red Heart With Love for a blanket for the master bedroom, probably a Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn.

And to get the total up to the $75 I bought 5 skeins of Caron One Pound in boy colors for B’s blanket. He still wants something airplane-related and I’m still searching for a good image to make into a graphgan.


So that is far more yarn that came in this month than got used up. (Those 17 With Love skeins are twice the size of a “normal” 100g skein, and the Caron One Pound are 4.5 times the size!) I have a problem with deals and that 70% off at Joann’s really got me. I have started to remove myself from retailer mailing lists (I’ve already unsubscribed from Joann’s and Michael’s) — I have the apps on my phone so I can access coupons when I’m at the store if I really need something.


I bought two tools this month: a swift, and a set of yarn pegs for Stylecraft Special DK.

I used the yarn winder I bought last month and the swift right away for the hanks of gradient yarn I bought at Island Yarn and they worked very well. The ball winder is from Stanwood and the swift is from Cutehill, both bought from Amazon.com.

The yarn pegs are from The Polkadot Giraffe on Etsy and are a lot of fun to use for coming up with color palettes. When I get around to making blankets for my sisters, I plan to visit their houses with the box of yarn pegs and let them choose the colors with them (after they’ve chosen the pattern from the choices I give them on Ravelry.)


Goals for March, 2017

  1. Finish the Winterguard coach presents (so they can wear them at finals on April 1). Maybe make similar ones for J and me, as well as one for Donna, the “guard mom”.
  2. Finish the Bright Blossoms hexagon blanket. This was the only goal for February that I didn’t get to.
  3. Join and border the second #CrochetGirlGang blanket.
  4. Yarn fast!! (Don’t buy an inch of yarn.)
  5. Clean out the blanket chest in my bedroom (collect all my knitting needles in one place) and try to fit the new purchases from Joann’s.
  6. Finish organizing my Favorites on Ravelry and write a post about how I plan to use it for long-term planning.

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