March 2017 Recap – Every Man Mania

March was a busy month at work, but I managed to squeeze in some crochet time of course. Last month’s non-project goals were to clean out my blanket chest in my master bedroom / organize my knitting supplies, and to work out the best way to use my Ravelry Favorites to plan future projects. Both of those are done, though I didn’t really add any room in the chest for stash. I missed the last session of my local community ed. crochet group because of appointments, but I signed up for the next session which starts April 27.

Finished Objects

Coach Gift Scarves

These three scarves were made with the Every Man Scarf pattern by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson. The colors match the costume and floor colors of my daughter’s Winter Guard show. We’ve already gifted them to the coaches so they could wear them to shows though the finals have been postponed until mid April so probably not scarf weather. But then again, this is New England and who knows?


A-B Pride Scarves

I made three more scarves with the same pattern in the school colors; one for this year’s “Guard Mom”, and two for my family to wear to the finals. The Caron One Pound is not very soft, but it was cheap and they’re not really general purpose scarves so no big deal. They’re 220 stitches long (like the coaches’ scarves) so they use a remarkably large amount of yarn.

Works In Progress

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.21.07 AM

Bright Blossoms Blanket

This is my interpretation of the Spring Blossom Blanket CAL by Agrarian Artisan. The CAL finished a while ago but only a few people are done since it was a lot per week. I’m at the joining stage with the last week’s hexagons, and then just a simple dc border to finish. I missed my goal to finish this last month but it is close.


#CrochetGirlGang CAL – Oh Fudge!

No new pictures of this one this month. I had it as a goal to finish this last month but instead I made negative progress – I took out the joins I had already done and now it’s back to a pile of squares on my drawer unit. I decided to use the same join as the one with the slate grey background (that I gave to my brother) but I need to find a day with a big chunk of free time to do the joining.

Queen Anne’s Lace in green

Not a lot of progress on this scarf, either. It’s a foot or so longer from various waiting room times, but that’s what it’s for!

Whispers Around the Bases

I did add two more sections, or “Innings”, to my ATB blanket. I really like the look of the block stitch and I think this would make a great border on a future blanket. The star stitch is also very pretty but slow. I’m now done with six out of the eighteen parts of these two combined CALs (the center squares are from Whispers From the Past by Helen Shrimpton), but of course that’s not 1/3 done because the number of stitches per round is going to keep increasing. ChiChi Allen writes amazingly easy-to-follow patterns and Esther’s videos are so relaxing and instructive. I plan to do one or two of the parts per month from now on as a “filler project” until it’s done or I run out of the yarn pack.

Tunisian Entrelac Blanket

I did start one unplanned project this month. Mikey of The Crochet Crowd posted a picture of his entrelac blanket made with Caron Cakes in Red Velvet, and it just appealed to me. Since I have four cakes of this yarn and I have been wanting to try entrelac, I just jumped in. It happens to match the color of my new-to-me car that I got this month, so I might just find a nice bag to keep it in and use it as a car blanket.


State of the Stash

I did it! I managed to not add anything to the stash this month. I did a bit more organizing and Ravelry stash updating, so now I think I have a good handle on what I have, what I plan to use it for, and where it’s stored.

Goals for April, 2017

  1. Finish the Bright Blossoms Blanket in time to gift it at the end of the month. Block it as well.
  2. Start the Hydrangea Blanket The Facebook group that formed to be the unofficial CAL group for the Moorland blanket is going to do this one as well, so it will be fun. The pattern looks very easy. Instead of buying the pack, I’m going to use up leftover Stylecraft Special DK to make it a stash buster. I’ve got that all organized and ready to go.
  3. Do Inning 5 of the ATB blanket and make a little more progress on my other two blanket WIPs. I don’t expect to find a day with enough uninterrupted time for the #CrochetGirlGang blanket join.
  4. Continue the yarn fast. I have a few skeins I’ll need for future projects, so if there are any remarkable sales on the specific yarn I need for those I may indulge, but I don’t need anything else.

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