April 2017 Recap – Hexies for Lauren

April was a beautiful month here in New England. I’ve been very busy with work but crochet has still found its way in. I was a bit disappointed that my crochet class was cancelled due to low enrollment. I really need to get in touch with the other regulars and arrange to just get together informally.

Finished Objects

Bright Blossom Blanket

I’m very happy with how this hexagon blanket came out! I challenged myself to only use stash yarn, which I succeeded in doing.  It’s already been gifted to my niece. A big thank you to Valerie at Agrarian Artisan for a very fun Crochet A Long!

Queen Anne’s Lace in green

I finished another Queen’s Anne Lace Scarf just in time to wear it to our NYC trip with my girls and niece to see Anastasia on Broadway. (Yes, this is the niece who I gave the blanket to as a thank you for organizing the trip, and because she’s just generally awesome.) My two girls are in the back of the picture with me — can you tell they’re mine?

Works In Progress

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.47.27 PM


Still lots of WIPs, including two new ones! For the second half of April, I did round-robin on all my WIPs so that each of them had progress. As I’ve said before, I like having multiple WIPs, but I don’t like it when I get stalled on them so I’m going to continue this plan and try to be disciplined and not start any more blanket projects until I’m down to just one blanket WIP.

Shin-yu for Sylvia


This new project will be a gift for my friend who I’ll see on May 9th to celebrate our birthdays (hers is May 8th). I love this scarf pattern (this is the third I’ve made) and this yummy, hand-dyed yarn from my local yarn shop. Hopefully Sylvia doesn’t read my blog! 🙂

Scrappy Hydrangea Blanket


This is my second new project for April. It is my interpretation of Lucy of Attic24’s Hydrangea Stripe Blanket done in Stylecraft Special DK from my stash. Mine’s not as harmonious as hers, or as evocative of Hydrangeas, but it’s fun! The pattern is super-simple and it’s a good end-of-the-day-when-I’m-tired project. Now, a few days into May, I’m about half-way done with it and hope to finish it this month.

Tunisian Entrelac Blanket


I made some progress on my Entrelac blanket this month, adding three more rounds. This is my car project now so I’m just taking it with me for when I’m waiting in waiting rooms or in the car. I like how it’s coming out so far.

#CrochetGirlGang CAL – Oh Fudge!

This blanket is coming along very nicely, which is good since it’s been a WIP for 6 months! I’ve finished the join and just have the border to do. This is such a pretty pattern. I’m going to keep this one.

Whispers Around the Bases

Last, but not least, for WIPs this month is my blanket that’s Helen Shrimpton’s Whispers from the Past in the center (weeks 1 & 2 of that CAL) and then Around the Bases by ChiChi Allen. In April, I added two more “Innings” to it, so now I am up to Inning 6. The colors on this are a bit rainbowy for my taste, but the pattern is loads of fun. I’ve decided to finish this one, even if I have to order a bit more yarn to do so. This is my oldest WIP that I started in the middle of last October.

State of the Stash

Another successful month of not adding anything to the yarn stash! After going a bit wild in February, it was fairly easy to be “good” in March and April. 🙂

Goals for May, 2017

  1. Finish Sylvia’s magenta Shin-yu by May 9th.
  2. Add the border to the #CrochetGirlGang blanket to finish it off.
  3. Make steady progress on the Hydrangea blanket (ideally two stripes/four rows per night) to finish it by the very end of May.
  4. Make some progress on both the Entrelac and the Whispers blankets, and don’t start anything new so that they can be my main focus in June.
  5. Keep up the yarn fast!
  6. Find a way to get together in-person with crafty friends.

As for longer-term goals, I like having two blanket projects going at any time — one my “zen” project and one my “challenge” project. Once these two are done, my next two will be a Homespun Ripple (zen) and the Delft Blanket

Another thing I’ve been working on lately is fine-tuning my daily routines so I can fit time in for creativity and not feel like I’m neglecting things that should be a higher priority. I’ve started using a tool called Habitica that is really helping me keep on track. They even have a “Knit and Crochet Guild”! In Habitica, I now have “Dailies” for Morning Creativity and Evening Creativity, which I sometimes multitask with on-line classes (in the morning) or TV shows/audio books (evening).

That’s it for last month! May is already shaping up to be a great month and I’m looking forward to all the happy stitching I plan to do.


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