June 2017 Recap – Finally Sophie

June had a lot going on — the end of the school year for the kids, two work trips, several work deadlines, and on and on. Through it all, crochet was my background pleasure that kept things from becoming stressful.

The community education crochet class started again. There are only four of us, plus Freida, the teacher, but it’s nice to get together in person. Two of the other ladies are doing Lucy of Attic24’s Moorland Blanket, which is fun.

Finished Objects

Sophie’s Garden

This was an unplanned project, sort of. I’ve been meaning to make a Sophie for some time, the basket of yarn from my Scrappy Hydrangea blanket called out to me, and I just followed the inspiration. As the last picture shows, I’ve hung this up in my cubicle at work and I’ve gotten some very positive comments on it. This was a total pleasure to make and I’m looking forward to making my next one, perhaps even the entire Sophie’s Universe blanket pattern.

New Projects



I want to make a wider variety of things this year, so this will be my first “stuffie”. I saw this hippo in a LYS/Quilt Shop that I went to with my Mom & sisters a while ago. It was one of the things that nudged me to sign up for a crochet class in January, 2016 (and the rest is history). It reminded me of a stuffed pig I had when I was a little girl that also had big flowers all over — it was my favorite toy! So right now it is just the first few hexagons, but eventually it will be a Heidi Bears Happypotamus in colors to match the Whispers Around the Bases blanket I finished last month.

Works In Progress

Scrappy Hydrangea Blanket

I was “supposed to” finish this last month but instead it’s coming along slowly. There are too many other fun things to work on to spend too much time on such a simple pattern, but every few nights I add another stripe of color.

Stardust Melodies CAL – Prelude & Melody


I am up-to-date with the Stardust Melodies Crochet-a-long! In spite of several business trips at the beginning of the month, I used the “catch up week” to do just that. So, we are half way done with the squares, then the border. I’m enjoying these a lot and I’ve decided to give the one that turns out the best to my nephew and his fiancé for a wedding present. The wedding isn’t until November, so I have plenty of time. I’m reconsidering gifting the second to my sister since I think her basement colors are more sage. Maybe I’ll make her a special blanket with colors picked out to really match.

Shin-yu for Me


I would have finished this as planned had I remembered the second skein of yarn on my second business trip. I got part-way in to part 3 (of 3) on the plane down and ran out of yarn. Oh well!

Red Velvet Tunisian Entrelac

Not much progress on this one. Too many other fun things to work on.

State of the Stash

I managed to go a whole month without buying anything. It’s nice to have a month with output > input.

Goals for July, 2017

  1. Finish the Scrappy Hydrangea blanket.
  2. Finish the Shin-yu infinity scarf.
  3. Keep up with the Stardust Melodies CAL.
  4. Start squares for the Grandma Nora blanket (when the Hydrangea is done).
  5. Add a few hexagons for the Happypotamus.
  6. Add a few rounds to the RVTE.
  7. Don’t add any more stash!

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