Diamonds Are (Taking) Forever – Year of Projects Update #7

I am one day less late with this update than last week. Maybe next week I’ll actually publish it on Sunday as per the Year of Projects plan!

Finished Objects

I started the week with a finished object.

I was nearly done with this Homespun Ripple (link to my Ravelry project page for all the details) last week and it has already been gifted to my daughter’s best friend, Sophie. It actually turned out to be a happy accident that my Lion Brand order went through twice because I decided I liked repeating the deeper colors of Homespun rather than fading into the pale ones I had IMG_6831intended. FDD85116-F5DE-4C11-A640-7008B8863D53_medium2(I’ve decided those four extra skeins of pale blues/violet will make a great continuous granny square blanket for Project Linus.) I’m not sure if I’ll make a pillow with the left-overs as I did for the other two blankets for C’s college-bound friends. I know I don’t have enough, so perhaps I’ll make these little balls into a snugly cowl since it feels like there’s too much left to just throw away.

Works In Progress

Also as planned, I started the Shin-yu Infinity Scarf for myself this week.


Part 1 is done (at this week’s Thursday meetup) and it just started transitioning into the gray color. This pattern is in multiples of 40 and I wanted a rather snug cowl, but I’m concerned it won’t use enough yarn to get to the white at the tips like I would like it to and that I’ll have too much yarn left-over. Towards the end, if that seems to be the case, I’ll probably rip it all back and make it bigger. We’ll see. I really love the Lion Brand Ombré Life yarn! It is poly-cotton so it has a really nice drape.


The Chevrons & Diamonds CAL is moving along slowly. It has inspired this week’s post title because these diamonds do seem to take forever. I’m up to row 150, so finished with part 5. Part 7, the border, comes out today and my goal is to get through part 6 this week (48 more rows) so I can do the border and have it finished up the following week. It is nice that it has been a cool, rainy week — the blanket is big enough to be decidedly blankety and not something I’d want to be working on in a heat wave.

If you can see my stitch marker in the bottom right of this picture, it helped me determine that one skein of Red Heart With Love is good for almost a complete diamond, which means I’ll have almost two skeins left to do the border and tassels. This is excellent because I’ve decided I’d rather have it rectangular than square.


Speaking of blankets that are becoming decidedly blankety, I added four more squares to my Vibrant Vintage CAL blanket.

The top two squares are from Week 10 of the reboot CAL, and the bottom two are from the original 2016 CAL. This means I’ve done 36 of the 64 squares. These squares continue to be really fun!

Lastly, I did only a single round on my Sophie’s Universe CAL at the Island Yarn meetup, which is better than none. I do love the lush wool/silk fingering weight, but it is a lot slower than the DK weight yarn I used last time.


I’ve already mentioned that my main goal this week is to finish part 5 of the Chevrons & Diamonds CAL and I’ll do at least four more squares for the Vibrant Vintage CAL (that is currently in Week 12).

Pattern 4 of the Stitch Story CAL will be released this week, so I’ll get started on that on Thursday at the meetup at Michael’s with The Crochet Crew.

I may work on the Shin-yu if I get bored working on blankets, or I may work up a quick cowl out of that Homespun left-over pile.

Longer term upcoming, I’d like to make a big project basket, big enough for a blanket’s worth of yarn. Rebecca Langford (Yarn + Chai) just came out with a couple patterns that would be good starting places.


No acquisitions this week. Yay me!

Non-Crafty Updates

I’ve added the Goodreads widget to the sidebar. I guess it’s not surprising that I love Goodreads since I’m such a Ravelry addict. Goodreads is to books as Ravelry is to yarn projects. They’re both called “social cataloging apps” and they inspired my own Dollation website which is for doll collectors.

If you visit my Goodreads page, you’ll see that I finished two books this week: The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Both were recommended to me by my oldest daughter, both are young adult novels, and I listened to both as audio books with my library’s app. Aristotle and Dante was read by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which was perfect. (I bet that was a dream come true for the author. It was funny that there were a few references to how useless the main character found learning about Alexander Hamilton in school. I wonder if those were in the original edition?) I really enjoyed both books and I’ve already started the second book of The Raven Cycle.

Not enough walking or decluttering happened this week. We’ve taken on a few new clients in our web development partnership lately and there’s lots to do. With two kids in college this year (and another who will be going in a few years) I’ve got to focus on working more to pay all the extra bills. Dang adult responsibilities!

YOPP.S. This is an update for the Year of Projects blog-a-long group on Ravelry. At the beginning of the YOP year, starting on July 1 for most, participants make a list of goals for the coming year and then post weekly updates on their progress. You can see my list and all my updates in my YOP1819 category here on my blog. Visit the Ravelry group to see posts from other participants and to find out how to join us.


12 thoughts on “Diamonds Are (Taking) Forever – Year of Projects Update #7”

  1. I love the Chevron and Diamonds, It is coming along well, I understand how a project can seem to drag on forever.
    I just started the Stitch Story CAL, i had marked it as something that i wanted to start later in the year but then decided that I would use it as a present for Christmas, so then I decided i should do two. I have problems sticking to one project..
    I didn’t realize that Goodreads had a widget! Thanks for sharing that I’ll have to add that to my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The homespun ripple is so rich looking. I agree with your decision to use all jewel toned colors. A cowl sounds like a perfect plan for the left overs.

    The chevron and diamonds blanket may be slow going but……it is gorgeous. I hope you are keeping that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I probably will keep the chevrons & diamonds, or at least give it to a family member, possibly a nephew. I should take a picture of the stack of blankets that I’ve kept! Actually, it would have to be a few stacks because otherwise it would topple over. My blanket-making addiction has nothing to do with the need for more blankets in this house, LOL!


  3. That Homespun Afghan is just beautiful, Maria. And being familiar with that yarn, I imagine it being squishy soft. And your Shin-yu is so pretty. I’ve not yet heard of that Lion Brand Life Ombre yarn. Six months out of the yarn stores has me seriously behind I’m thinking… Your Chevrons and Diamonds blanket is beautiful, too. Can’t wait to see it with a border!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your Homespun Ripple is gorgeous and I love that you opted for the jewel tones, it was a great decision. A cowl seems like the perfect option for those leftovers. Your Diamonds may be slow going but they are really very pretty and the end of the project is in sight now. I still really love those Vintage squares.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am filled with admiration for all your blanket projects. You may think that Diamonds take forever but I think any blanket of any kind takes forever, LOL!

    The diamonds do look terrific, and with all that texture some gorgeous heavy tassels will be a lovely accent!

    And the ripples are fun too… so many colour combos possible.

    I have the GoodReads app but I’m just terrible about updating it. Maybe because I start so many books and don’t finish them? And maybe too because it takes so long to get my “WANT TO READ”s from the library as eBooks? Add to that the fact that I don’t find their recommendations very good and I dunno, it’s just never really clicked for me. Maybe I’ll have to go back and have another look at it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love your home spun ripple blanket! But the Chevrons and Diamond afghan is stunning. Seeing your Vintage call squares reminded me that I have about 25 squares of that cal the first time round, I believe that there are some added squares this time round. My Sophie is languishing on a pile of WIPs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like it’s time to break that Sophie out of the WIP pile! The Vibrant Vintage CAL is all new squares that blend perfectly with the old ones. Thanks for the nice words, nobody in my house appreciates my crochet obsession. 🙂


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