Stitch Story Ta-dah! – Year of Projects Update #19

Once again, it has been more than a week since my last update — almost a month in fact. As a result, I have several finished projects to share this time.

Finished Objects

My biggest finished object is my Stitch Story Crochet-A-Long Blanket.

Last time, I just had the Bee Keeper squares to do, then I joined it with single crochet through the back loops and added the border, both exactly following the pattern. I’m quite happy with how the blanket came out and I was pleased when the designer, Heather Gibbs, shared my picture in her gallery of finished projects in her wrap-up post on her blog. This will go off to Project Linus soon.

Another donation to Project Linus will be a Continuous Granny Square Blanket that I did with Lion Brand Homespun that was left-over from a gift blanket I made last year.


This simple blanket used up all four skeins I had and only took me three days. It was my first finished project for 2019.

My younger daughter asked for a cowl and ear warmer set like the ones I had made for her sister and a friend recently, so I whipped up another Malia Classic Cowl and Ear Warmer using some olive Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca yarn from my stash.


I think this is the first thing I have made for C that she actually wears (well, at least the cowl). I have another skein of this in navy so I’ll probably make a set for myself as well.

dishclothsAnd, finally, to be complete on the finished objects, I did make a few Waffle Stitch Dish Cloths because I needed them for the kitchen. They were super quick and work well so I’m going to also be making a bunch more of those as well. I have a decent size stash of kitchen cotton that I’d like to use up, so I’ll make some more pot holders and hot pads as well in the near future.

Works in Progress

I’ve started three new projects since my last update. The first was another for Project Linus, the Radiating Star Blanket, to use up some Caron Cakes I bought on clearance a few months ago.


Mikey, from the Crochet Crowd, shared a tutorial on YouTube that caught my eye so I just grabbed a hook and dove in since I had just finished the Continuous Granny and I like to have an easy blanket project on the go at all time for relaxing evening crochet time. I’ve just about finished two of the five Caron Cakes at this point.

I also started a table runner using the Emma Square by Dedry Uys to put the mini skeins from the Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack to use.


I have a tiny little pouch that holds three mini skeins, hook, scissors, and darning needle that I keep in my purse for on-the-go crochet opportunities. When I get enough squares I’ll block them and join them with a calm color (maybe dark teal) and use it on our big kitchen table that has gotten a lot of wear over the years. These little squares will also make good coasters.

Lastly, I started a Homebody Sweater, from a pattern by Megan Shaimes. The pattern called for DK so I used some Lion Brand Mandala I had in the Warlock colorway, though I should have realized that Mandala was not a good choice for a sweater.


One of my intentions for this year is to make more garments so this is good practice even if I likely won’t ever wear the finished item. As you can see from the picture, I’m ready to sew it up then add the sleeves.

And lastly, I made some good progress on an existing WIP — the Yule Tree Throw.


This is a fun project but I’m annoyed with myself because I made a mistake 14 rows back (do you see it — two places?) and I’m not willing to rip it back to fix. I am going to be better about double checking my work at the end of each row to be sure I didn’t do any zigs where I was supposed to zag. Sigh.


As you probably noticed from my FOs and WIPs, I’ve been pretty good about using stash yarn lately. I make an exception from my goal of using stash when it’s for a specific project requested by a loved one. As I predicted, C was less than enthused about the Wonder Woman Shawl I gave to her for Christmas, and asked for a triangle shawl in light gray. We went to our Local Yarn Shop and she picked out some Moonshine from Juniper Moon Farm. It is lovely, soft merino / alpaca / silk but it is worsted weight, so I need to find a good pattern since it won’t be enough to make another Treasure Island Shawl, the first pattern that jumped to mind. I’m currently searching Ravelry for possibilities and saving them in a bundle in my Favorites for her to choose from when I’m ready to start.


My last incoming thing was another set of Susan Bates hooks and an extra large case that I bought from Herrschners. I got stalled on my Yule Tree Throw because I misplaced my 5.5 mm hook and I only use Susan Bates hooks for cable projects. It was such a good deal on a full set of 14, and I had free shipping, that I got the whole set. I bought the extra large hook case so I could put all my Susan Bates in one place (and I have another case for my Clover Amours which are my other favorites).


Speaking of cables, I’ve got another project besides C’s shawl that I’ll be starting soon. Bonnie Barker and Crochet World Magazine (which I have a digital subscription to) are having a CAL for Bonnie’s Celtic Diamond Wrap from the last issue. I’m going to use some of the Mary Maxim worsted I bought at the end of last year to use that up. That CAL won’t start until 1/23.

This coming week, my goals are:

  1. Finish the next tree repeat in the Yule Tree Throw (2 of 5).
  2. Add another cake to the Radiant Star Blanket (3 of 5).
  3. Sew up the sweater and do at least one sleeve.
  4. Choose a pattern for C’s shawl (to start when the sweater is done).

I may do a few more dish cloths or Emma Squares for my table runner as well.

Have a great week everybody! Happy crafting.

YOPP.S. This is an update for the Year of Projects blog-a-long group on Ravelry. At the beginning of the YOP year, starting on July 1 for most, participants make a list of goals for the coming year and then post weekly updates on their progress. You can see my list and all my updates in my YOP1819 category here on my blog. Visit the Ravelry group to see posts from other participants and to find out how to join us.


8 thoughts on “Stitch Story Ta-dah! – Year of Projects Update #19”

  1. You radiating star blanket is marvelous. Your blankets always make me want to make blankets but no one here uses them more than once or twice a year. A lit of work for something to sit in a linen closet. So I will look at yours longlingly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many new projects! They’re all great, Maria I love that Yule Tree Throw – and nope, I can’t see the mistake. I looked and I looked and I’m just really not seeing it. I’m very impressed by your many many-pieced projects. I have only finished one pieced together blanket and already I’m kind of dreading all the joining that will be required in three more I have in the works. But I will plug on. Because I still really do want to. And because yours are so beautiful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, look at you go! A collection of beautiful projects. I can’t see any mistake either. Looking forward to seeing the Yule tree throw and the sweater finished.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! What beautiful finishes! The story stitch is gorgeous and I have faved the Malia cowl and ear warmer and the sweater you’re making. I could not spot your error on the tree project… eyes almost crossed trying to ….like a puzzle in a magazine “can you spot this?”…I love those but alas I couldn’t find it. You have such great projects on the go and even donate to charity! I think you need to keep that Wonder Woman shawl for yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

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