Moving Right Along – Year of Projects Update #21

Last week was an interesting week. Besides the personal crafting, I did finally take the time to investigate the racism and inclusion topic that came up repeatedly in the YouTube podcasts that I watch. (I’m not on Instagram much, so I missed the discussion there where it really started.) If you also want to investigate what happened, check out the Ravelry forum topic that Casey (Ravelry co-founder) initiated. It was really interesting to me to see this topic discussed in the context of my hobby, as opposed to my Unitarian Universalist congregation or Humanist groups I belong to. My takeaways: I need to do more research and come up with a personal list of actions I will take. So, first I am going to read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo (I’ve placed a hold on the audiobook through my library), and work through the Me And White Supremacy Workbook from Layla Saad.

The crafty goals I set for myself last week were to:

  1. Add at least one more tree section to the Yule Tree Throw.
  2. Start C’s Tunisian shawl.
  3. Do the first square for the Sampler CAL.
  4. Start the Celtic Diamond Wrap/Poncho.

How did I do on those goals? Quite well, actually…

Finished Objects


I made two Tunisian Dish Cloths this week, even though I didn’t plan to, because I wanted to practice the Tunisian stitches needed for C’s shawl, one of which (Tunisian full stitch, or tfs) I hadn’t done before. In the process, I also found a useful YouTube channel with Tunisian stitch tutorials: TL Yarn Crafts.

I really do need some new dish cloths (my old, commercial ones are getting ratty) and I have quite a stash of cottons to use up, so I’ll probably continue doing these sporadically when I need a good “palette cleanser” between more complicated projects.

Works in Progress

Progress on Existing WIPs

My highest priority last week was to add another tree to the Yule Tree Throw blanket. Mission accomplished.


With only four more days left in January, I’m going to set my target to finish this by Valentine’s Day — two more tree sections and the top ribbing to go. I want to finish this up and then get back to my Havana CAL blanket.

I made another Emma Square this week for my probably going to be a table runner project, which I wouldn’t mention except that I made it at a meetup with my local café crochet friends. I used up the four little skeins I had in my tiny project bag over the last few weeks and forgot to replenish, only to find myself in two waiting rooms the next day with nothing to keep my hands busy. Must re-stock!

Newly Started WIPs

As planned, this week I started C’s Tunisian Triangle Shawl. I didn’t get all that far before getting stuck on the first eyelet row which I can’t get to look like the pictures, even following the pattern stitch by stitch. I’m certainly doing something wrong. The yarn is lovely to work with and I’ll pick it back up soon, but for now it’s in the naughty corner.


Next, I did the first square for the 2019 Stash Busting CAL from The Unraveled Mitten.


I had never done the herringbone half double stitch before and it’s pretty cool. I was totally boring with my colors — this is some Caron One Pound that’s been in my stash for almost two years. It’s not my favorite yarn at all but I must admit the stitch definition is pretty good and it should soften up after I wash and steam block it. I’ve also got some Red Heard Super Saver left-overs that will coordinate OK with my One Pound stash.

Finally, and to finish off my goals from last week, I started the Celtic Diamond Wrap CAL/Inishmann Poncho. I used a 4.5mm hook based on the gauge swatch from the poncho and its starting chain length, but it ended up a little stiff for my taste. I finished that panel (the one on the top in the picture below) but went up a few hook sizes when I made the second panel. That one is a little wider than it should be but I like the drape better. (If I had it to do all over again, I would have gone up to the recommended 6mm hook. I may be a loose crocheter, but gauge really isn’t that important for such an unstructured garment.) I’ll block the smaller one to hopefully match the larger one before I join.


celticweaveI’m roughly following the Celtic Diamond pattern except I substituted the Celtic Weave pattern for the diamonds in the biggest section because I didn’t feel like doing the math to make the diamonds fit my stitch count, and I like the look of the Celtic Weave stitch better anyway.

Next I need to decide which pattern’s middle section to do (probably the Shadow Box from the CAL since it’s pretty and I’ve already worked out the math), then I need to decide what to do for a collar/border. I don’t really like the one from the Inishmann, so I may do a simple ribbing like from Bonnie’s Branaugh Barley Poncho which is another pattern of hers that I own.


On Facebook, I came across the Stitch Sampler Scrapghan Crochet Along from Breann of the Hooked On Homemade Happiness blog. It’s another simple stash buster design that started two days ago. I’m going to join in with that one too just for fun and to use up stash since it’s not a time intensive project. A lot of on-line friends are doing the Jayda In Stitches 2019 Calendar Blanket but I’m not sure about that one until I see the actual pattern. (Jayda’s designs are often too cutesy for me.)

These are my crafty goals for next week:

  1. Add at least one more tree section to the Yule Tree Throw (four of five).
  2. Make some progress on C’s Tunisian shawl.
  3. Do the second square for the Sampler CAL when it comes out on Wednesday.
  4. Do the next part of the Celtic Diamond Wrap CAL/Poncho when it comes out on Wednesday.
  5. Choose yarn for the Stitch Sampler Scrapghan and do Part 1 (Granny Stripe) early in the week and Part 2 when it is released on Friday.

YOPP.S. This is an update for the Year of Projects blog-a-long group on Ravelry. At the beginning of the YOP year, starting on July 1 for most, participants make a list of goals for the coming year and then post weekly updates on their progress. You can see all my updates in my YOP1819 category here on my blog. Visit the Ravelry group to see posts from other participants and to find out how to join us.


5 thoughts on “Moving Right Along – Year of Projects Update #21”

  1. I am on the 2nd week now of the workbook by Layla and it is definitely making me realise what I have said, thought or heard in the past differently. I will add that book to my reading list. As for Tunisian crochet I am so intrigued. I will add learning this to the next YOP year list, as I like the look. This year I still need to get to grips with reading and following crochet patterns.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your beautiful blankets have me seriously desiring to make some single colored blankets. But plug away I must using up my odd skeins, combining them into multicolored blankets. But someday soon… I will be buying me a afghan’s amount of some scrumptious color to make an elegant blanket. 🙂 Your Yule Tree Throw is looking amazing. And your other projects, too. The cables in your Inishmann look so luscious! What a beauty that poncho will be.

    Liked by 1 person

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