October 2017 Recap – WIPapolooza

October flew by! The weather was very nice and we spent a good amount of time enjoying our new deck that J built. The crochet came in handy when it got a little cooler. (That is my Hydrangea Blanket on the left, and Spice of Life on the right.) Our community education crochet class was… Continue reading October 2017 Recap – WIPapolooza


September 2017 Recap – It’s All About the Blankets

September was an odd month. Even crochet was slightly stressful, but enough about that. As far as my "crochet social" goal went, I only made it to the Wednesday afternoon craft group once this month, but I did sign up for the Community Ed. class again. We'll see if there are enough sign-ups to run… Continue reading September 2017 Recap – It’s All About the Blankets

August 2017 Recap – Stardust and Bright Colors

I can't believe it's September already! Where did the summer go? K is back at college and the two youngers will be going back to high school next week. (For that matter, where did the years go? How did they get to be so big?) August was cool and lovely -- great crochet weather. We're… Continue reading August 2017 Recap – Stardust and Bright Colors

July 2017 Recap – Hydrangea Happiness

I do love summer! Too much crocheting got done and not enough of some other things, but it's so nice to sit out on my front porch in the morning, sipping coffee and stitching, and then later in the evening in my little crochet corner in the family room. Our crochet class has been meeting,… Continue reading July 2017 Recap – Hydrangea Happiness

May 2017 Recap – Stardust In My Eyes

May is my favorite month of the year! It was a rainy May, but that means New England has exploded with green. I've been enjoying spending relaxing hours out on our newly renovated (almost done) deck, usually with a crochet hook in hand. I did pretty well this month on the goal of finishing things… Continue reading May 2017 Recap – Stardust In My Eyes

April 2017 Recap – Hexies for Lauren

April was a beautiful month here in New England. I've been very busy with work but crochet has still found its way in. I was a bit disappointed that my crochet class was cancelled due to low enrollment. I really need to get in touch with the other regulars and arrange to just get together… Continue reading April 2017 Recap – Hexies for Lauren