Summer is a Comin’ In – Year of Projects Update #1

The title of this week's update is a nod to a song that is the theme song of our local high school Madrigal Singers. It's also true and it's been scorchingly hot this week! I thought the song title was appropriate since I'm starting another blanket this week as a graduation gift for the Queen… Continue reading Summer is a Comin’ In – Year of Projects Update #1


Year of Projects

I just discovered an exciting group over on Ravelry called A Year of Projects blog-a-long. Essentially, the idea is to set some yearly goals and to blog weekly, on Sundays, about progress, sharing blog links in the Ravelry group. Their year starts July 1, 2018 so this is perfect timing since I discovered it on… Continue reading Year of Projects

February – May 2018 Recap, All the Things

I am a bad, bad blogger. I have been so busy making I haven't wanted to take the time to muse about what I'm making. But here's a quick recap of the four months that I skipped. The links go to my Ravelry project pages where you can find all the details on patterns, designers,… Continue reading February – May 2018 Recap, All the Things

January 2018 Recap – Stepping Into 2018

How was your January? I had to make a conscious effort not to "wish my life away" as my mother would say. January is not my favorite month with its frigid, short days but the days are getting noticably longer! My friends in (Old) England are reporting sitings of crocuses and snowdrops which, while they… Continue reading January 2018 Recap – Stepping Into 2018

December 2017 Recap: Piles of Presents

What a month it's been! The weather was pretty mild though we did have snow for Christmas. Not surprisingly, things were busy and hectic but everyone's holiday is hectic, usually, so I won't bore anyone with the details. Instead, here are Luna and Midori looking cute on Christmas day. Finished Objects I had an incredible… Continue reading December 2017 Recap: Piles of Presents

November 2017 Recap – Fabulous Finishes

I can't believe it's December already! I've been watching some YouTube podcasts and one episode was called I blinked and it was December. My sentiments exactly! November flew by in a beautiful blur. I flew to Texas in the middle of the month for a family wedding, which was lovely. This is the nephew for… Continue reading November 2017 Recap – Fabulous Finishes