Using My Ravelry Favorites More Strategically

I recently got my Ravelry queue under control and now use it to keep track of projects I could begin anytime I want because I have everything I need. I haven't quite gotten to the point where every bit of yarn in my Ravelry stash is assigned to a queued project (or an actual Ravelry… Continue reading Using My Ravelry Favorites More Strategically


Toward A More Useful Ravelry Queue

I know I am not using my Ravelry Queue very effectively, so I went searching on the Internet (as one does) to find advice. I found this great blog post by Rachelle of My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures: Taming the Queue. Essentially, I am going to follow Rachelle's lead and use my queue only for… Continue reading Toward A More Useful Ravelry Queue